because some of us can't help but to let ourselves go free
  1. When the sum of my parts becomes greater than the whole set before me, my mind will roam
  2. They all have learned to compress their souls, reduce them back down from diamond to coal
  3. Black soot does not reflect the image of our lives against the backdrop of time, conversely it consumes light.
  4. Inhibits distraction or invention. Is the medium of conformity.
  5. But my altrustic bloodstone spirit is resistant to the confines of the present. She carries in her the image of sacrifice and knows that it is so much more for later than now.
  6. When they obstruct my broader vision, force me into linear focus, my mind will roam, creating images to fill in the blind spots until my picture is once again complete.
  7. "The first lesson a revolutionary must learn is that he is a doomed man."
  8. Doomed to be too bold, watering himself down to palpability.
  9. Doomed to be weary with wisdom, and forced to feign ingnorance.
  10. Doomed to give his all and to never be enough.
  11. Doomed to uphold goodness. Doomed to be Atlas.
  12. Doomed to be crucified. Doomed to be sacrificed.
  13. Never resigned to his fate, but wholly accepting it.
  14. "Unless he understands this, he does not grasp the meaning of his life."
  15. This is why I will not turn away when they revel in my divergence. Use it to shame the me that they don't understand. My daydreams are prophesies, promises that I will never be "just..." anything.
  16. A revolutionary owes no apology to anyone except God for not answering the call sooner, and himself for answering the call at all.