explanations beneath although I'm pretty sure they're redundant...
  1. Yo
    As an interjection similar to "wow"or a greeting as in "hi"
  2. On the real
  3. Legit
  4. Dope
    As in nice or good.
  5. Nah I'm good. Nah I'm straight.
    "no, thank you, I'm fine"
  6. What's good? What it do, boo?
    how are you?
  7. Bruh. Bro. Dude. Man.
    idk I use these for everything .
  8. Let em know.
    tell them
  9. Kick it.
    hang out
  10. I honestly just feel like this is me overcompensating for the fact that I was born in '99. This is me trying to assert myself as a real 90s kid by talking in only 90s lingo...it's a sad life