1. And I'm so incredibly hurt by everything that's happening right now
  2. And I'm afraid because I have 3 brothers
  3. And I'm upset because I have a 7 year old sister who knows that 2 men have been shot, but doesn't know much else
  4. But I'm also so incredibly grateful for the li.st community
  5. Because here I feel seen and heard and understood and respected and appreciated and human
  6. And like I matter
  7. So thank you for speaking, and being educated, and being upset, and learning, and being sensitive, and giving me a voice, and telling me I matter
  8. Because you'd be surprised how little I hear that these days
  9. Or actually, you wouldn't.
  10. But seriously, thanks a ton. This is so very important not just for me, but for BLM and ultimately America.
  11. Much love to you all!