which actually became "ways to get me to say yes to marriage" because in my mind, this is a linear progression
  1. Being traditionally attractive...duh.
    Although, honestly, it'll probably end there. If you already have a million and one other people falling at your feet, don't expect me to be just one more fish in your great big ocean of ego.
  2. Making me laugh
    This isn't particularly difficult, but it'll definitely help if you are witty, sarcastic, or snarky in some small way. Intellectual humor > situational humor. Any day.
  3. Being quirky.
    I'm super quirky and it is your job to make me feel like this is acceptable. Our mutual interest in each other will be a testament to the possibility of love for even the most hopelessly awkward people. We are the hope of the future for millions of awkward people. No pressure. 😁
  4. Being unabashed
    Sing my favorite song in 5 different keys at the same time (this is not humanly possible you will sound bad no matter who you are that's the point). Dance (even and especially if you're bad). Do magic tricks and make old films references (be proud of your ability to appreciate things that no one else is bold enough to claim. because sometimes that is me and i need to know that you're unafraid).
  5. Having a vision
    You've gotta want more than anything either one of us can do singularly so that we can build the world together. ( i know I'm sappy. Shut up.)
  6. Being sappy.
    You don't have to wear it on your sleeve. I don't mind being the only one who knows. We will indeed cry together.
  7. Being woke.
    I should never have to explain this to you. Period.
  8. Being health conscious
    The closest I've ever been to being in love was when I met a bowtie-wearing, electrical engineering, keyboard-playing, singing mofo at my church. What sent me over the edge? Helping him bandage a cut he got from cutting fruit for breakfast. Did I mention he was a dietary vegetarian? 😍😍
  9. Loving children
    If you can't love my 5 unborn children, you can't love me.
  10. Being a culturalist
    I just love the world! It's so beautifully diverse and i want you to teach me and learn with me and explore with me and if you can't do that it's just not gonna work.
  11. Modesty
    I want to tell you that you are perfect and beautiful all the time and have it affect you to your core every single time. I want to gas you all the time, but not enough that you go off looking for "what you truly deserve". This is straight crap. Maybe it's selfish, but it's honest.
  12. Loving music
    I sing in my sleep. You're not aloud to tell me to stop so just learn to reeeaaaalllllyyyy like my singing voice and all of my vocal percussion.
  13. Loving me. Really.
    This is honestly my only real requirement. Anything else is a preference, which love sometimes manages to disregard. So even if you are a dry, embarassed, unhealthy, cocky, music-hating son of a gun, I'm a firm believer that oil and water can still exist in the same space. Maybe that's naive, but i think love sometimes means compromise.
  14. Funny how real this li.st got. And how it applies to more than just romantic relationships.