1. This guy is great
    (Please excuse my super corny grin😅)
  2. This guy's name is Marquez
  3. This guy goes to school with me
  4. I met this guy almost 3 years ago when I was a sophomore and he was a freshman
  5. I've gotten to know this guy better than any other guy I've met in high school
  6. This guy is my partner in Music Tech class
    We make fire beats together. And we name them all Fire Beats🔥(of various parts)
  7. This guy invites me to his church, but still respects me going to my own most of the time
  8. This guy sings really loud during praise and worship
  9. This guy prays with me
  10. This guy has picked up some of my favorite phrases
    Whenever he stumbles over his words he stops, huffs at himself, and says "English please" before trying again😏
  11. This guy high fives me all the time
    @dudleyjoshua I think I know what this means...
  12. This guy's mom thinks we're dating
  13. This guy puts way too much sugar in his coffee
    😂😂 a disgraceful amount
  14. This guy plays drums. Very well
  15. This guy has only 1 dimple
  16. This guy's favorite color is red
  17. This guy has beautiful shoulders
  18. This guy's hands are always warm
  19. This guy's hands swallow mine
  20. When I sat next to this guy at a church event yesterday, and my anemic hands turned to ice, all I wanted to do was hold his hand, but I didn't want to send the wrong message.
  21. This guy reminds me of my older brother
  22. This guy is inherently good
  23. This guy has great energy
  24. My mom LOVES this guy
    "I ship it"
  25. But truly, everyone really loves this guy
  26. And though I said this wouldn't happen, I think I'm falling for this guy...