Inspired by all of the beautifully unabashed listers. If you think it's you, it's you. I hope you know who you are.
  1. I love everything about list.
    The people, the learning, the exchange
  2. And over the past couple of days, I've had the privilege of reading so many beautiful and vulnerable lists, and I've come to the slow realization that these are necessary
    This is something that I think I've known, and even excercised, but only just now managed to articulate.
  3. Because avails a certain catharsis in having the ability to be open without judgement or criticism or detraction
  4. So I just wanted to say thank you and I love you all
  5. And also let you know that I will begin my own cathartic excercises.
  6. I love everything about poetry, and I think it has the capacity to really effect people. More specifically myself.
  7. And i would love for the community to be the first eyes on my inner workings.
  8. I am but a humble mustard seed. But you all have become my muses.
  9. Yours truly, Faith