Ways I Am Like Winston Bishop

but like 17....and a girl...
  1. Perpetual child
    Because if we're honest, Winston is just a really confused big kid which is probably why no one takes him seriously when it's time to make real life decisions. I can relate on a spiritual level.
  2. Little bit of a grammar nazi
    if you catch me slippin, I'm at a really difficult point in my life.
  3. Secret Gold Mine
    Because despite his general state of confusion and outsided-ness, Winnie the Bish occasionally shares little jewels of much needed love and wisdom with his friends, and this is ultra important to me. Especially when I don't have to work for it and it just happens out of genuine interest.
  4. Unabashed
    The most eager and open to "letting things get weird" sometimes means giving your friends the green light to be vulnerable and free, and sometimes means things just get weird.
  5. Introspective
    Doing this list has shown me some pretty positive points about myself , but also made me realize that everyone's probably got a little bit of the Bish in them. Probably also some Coah or Cece or Nick or Schmidt or Jess. Don't be afraid to let that weird out man. Embrace that weird. Love that weird. Feed that weird. ✊