Because the lovely @iammeghanmurray reminded us how important these lessons are. And the also incredible @KristyTolley affirmed this.
  1. How incredible it is
  2. That this body is a vessel
  3. Through which we bring new life into this world
  4. That maintains the very essence of our own
  5. That will Never. Ever. Be perfect.
  6. But is immeasurably beautiful
  7. In all its inner workings
  8. And outer complexities
  9. What is not to give thanks for?
  10. If for no other reason than because
  11. It was the first thing that was uniquely yours
  12. The oldest, most enduring part of you
  13. How wonderful
  14. That it is the capsule of your life
  15. A constellation of vital phenomena
  16. Love it with all of the love it contains
  17. Everyone else already does