I don't often use gifs, but I figured they'd help lighten up this really sucky list. sorry.
  1. Moving my best friend into her dorm @ GSU: Cancelled
    She's off at college, and I didn't get my ceremonious teary-eyed goodbye. It's cool though. What? Pshhh no I'm not crying.
  2. 2016 Corky Kell: Cancelled
    Not the game. Just my plans to go. No worries though. All of my friends will be posting it on Snapchat. All night. Without me.
  3. Attending My Friend's Wedding: Cancelled
    Kill me.
  4. And he never texted me.
    And I wish I could explain why this is about more than a boy, but I'm honestly just so drained.
  5. And while I normally dread Mondays...
  6. I'm really ready for this week (end) to be over.
  7. Monday means dusting off.
  8. Standing up.
  9. And starting over.
  10. So nice try rough week, but I'm not out yet.