1. He's Not
  2. Which one?
  3. Do I have to Answer?
  4. Lol Jk! I love him❤
  5. Because even though at first glance he's just like any other little brother,
  6. He's special
  7. He's got heart like you wouldn't believe
  8. He's concious, and recognizes that there are things bigger than him
    Stay woke baby boy!✊
  9. He's a dreamer
    I know that seems contradictory to the last one, but they're definitely complimentary. Can't have one without the other
  10. He's diligent
    He puts in work work work work work work
  11. He's fun&funny
    A man of many talents
  12. He's really affectionate
    I'm a sap, so this is major for me
  13. Our family only breeds the best anyways
    He doesn't really have a choice