I have a huge list of To-Do's for today, and honestly, at this point in time I can barely force myself up to do even the simplest of tasks. I could cuddle here by myself all day.
  1. Get on a Google Hangout with four friends to talk about an upcoming trip
  2. Clean the bathroom sink of two weeks of stuck toothpaste
  3. Get out of bed
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    This is my bed view right now, which is only further showing me that my mission to clean is going to be a huge undertaking today.
  4. Take a shower when it's 50 degrees in my house
  5. Did I already mention get out of bed
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    Maybe by opening these blinds I'll be more motivated...nope, just showed me that I need to also clean the windows...
  6. Check work emails and realize I'll need to go into the office today
  7. Search high and low to find something to eat that sounds appealing