Disclaimer: I am still fairly young, but in a culture that celebrates youth (18-29 at best), I've been feeling considerably older than I probably should, and this week seemed worse than normal.
  1. The release of "Fuller House" on Netflix and the "29 years later...." intro on the screen. Eeekkkk
  2. DAB - what the heck does this mean? I was hip to the lingo game with "fleek" but I have no inkling on what this new youngster vernacular even means. Watching these Vine stars is entertaining, but some pop culture references are lost on me.
  3. I'm currently sitting outside in my backyard hummingbird watching. Nothing says old lady like some good old fashioned bird watching.
  4. Two drinks at a bachelorette party last night and I was ready for bed. Ok, maybe it was two drinks and two huge baskets of tortilla chips (that I ate entirely by myself), but nights of shots and 2 am outings are a thing of the past.
  5. I was standing in line at a grocery store to buy a bottle of wine, girl directly in front of me is carded by the cashier, I am not asked for my ID. Pretty sure the little ID sign/disclaimer says they ask anyone who looks under the age of 40...and how old does this guy think I look?!
  6. Things that made me feel YOUNG this past week: nonexistent.