Welcome to conservatory!
  1. 115 people
    Total. Graduate and undergraduate - my undergrad class has 8 people in it. The entire school is a quarter of the size of my (tiny) high school.
  2. Single rooms
    There are no roommates. This means that on the rare occasion people start dating, they immediately begin living together. Super healthy.
  3. 24 hour practice rooms
    The practice rooms are open 24/7. It's really important to the school that all the students know that and USE THEM 24/7
  4. No need to go outside
    The whole school is one building. I swear I've gone weeks without seeing the sun....
  5. Almost 40% Asian
    Korean is practically our official language.
  6. Ping Pong
    Literally the only school spirit event all year is the ping pong tournament. It's our school sport, and it's a BIG FUCKING DEAL