1. Me as Lola from Damn Yankees for Halloween in 3rd grade (she is the devil's assistant/temptress...)
  2. From when I actually played Meg in Damn Yankees senior year of high school (shown here with my sister, Meghan)
  3. 70s vibes for Musical Theatre Club in college.
  4. Homemade Snow White costume for Halloween 2014. Plus Kevin as the toaster strudel kid 😂
  5. Playing dress up with my little brother & cousin Patrick
  6. Starring as "Background Actor #4" in a community theatre production of Grease in 2007
  7. Cruella DeVille - Halloween 2013 & pretty much always
  8. Harry Potter theme party with some of the Musical Theatre Club squad
  9. As a Ray of Fucking Sunshine for Halloween 2008
  10. Sometimes my coworkers have Fashion Weeks where we coordinate our outfits every day. This was "mad men" day
  11. Robin Sparkles, Halloween 2012/2013 I think?
  12. As Belle for a friend's Princessed-themed 18th birthday party. (I'm lamer with each photo, I know)
  13. Box of crayons, Halloween 2010.