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  1. Handwritten notes/letters
  2. Mental health days
    Equally as important as taking a day off when you are physically ill.
  3. Neti pots
    If you can get over the feeling of drowning, they are truly life changing.
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  1. "Let's cut the tail off and put it on a cracker!"
    We found dead snake on the side of the road.
  2. "I like to feel how warm my armpits are..."
    I asked why she kept putting her arms inside her shirt.
  3. *screaming/sobbing* "Aunt Toni is lying!"
    When my mom told her that she already saw Finding Nemo.
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  1. Asking to be told a story at bedtime.
  2. Saying "carry me" when I don't want to walk anymore.
  3. Sleeping with stuffed animals.
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