1. Handwritten notes/letters
  2. Mental health days
    Equally as important as taking a day off when you are physically ill.
  3. Neti pots
    If you can get over the feeling of drowning, they are truly life changing.
  4. Compliments
    My mom used to tell me, "Never be afraid to tell someone something nice about them. You never know. Maybe it is the only compliment they have ever gotten in their whole life." That really stuck with me. I try to always say nice things as soon as they pop into my head instead of keeping them to myself.
  5. Looking at the stars
    It helps to remember how tiny you and your problems really are.
  6. Working hard
    I might not be the best at everything but I will work my hardest to be as good as I can be.
  7. Asking for things
    If you just ask for something that you want the worst that can happen is getting a "no". Sometimes you'll get a surprising "yes". And if you don't ask then you'll never know and I think that is worse.
  8. Admitting when you are wrong or when you don't know
  9. Reading
    I try to read and remember at least one new thing everyday.
  10. Fake it until you make it
    Not necessarily being "fake" ... More like doing things that you aren't sure of or challenging yourself with things that are new to you and being confident in yourself until you figure it out.