1. The summer of 2010, I had an internship at a production company.
    I was between my final semesters of college and I had known people who had this internship before. I did video! I like TV! Why not get some skills?
  2. I was assigned to one of the company's shows: Must Love Cats.
    I only kind of like cats. Loving them is not imperative to me.
  3. I spent my days researching "interesting cats."
    The show had already wrapped for the season so there wasn't much to do. My instructions were to find stories for the show about cats with crazy stories. Each of my contenders were crossed off the list because the show had already covered them. This is also how I spent my 21st birthday.
  4. After five days, I quit.
    I picked up more days working at WBUR as an intern.
  5. I didn't think anything of it.
  6. Cut to Fall 2013
    I get a call from an investigator for the attorney general of Massachusetts.
  7. He says I've been part of a class action lawsuit against the place where I formally interned.
    They didn't offer class credit or compensation, which is illegal.
  8. He tells me I'm entitled to $1600 of back pay.
    Me: "But I only worked there five days." Investigator: "It's free money."
  9. I give him my new address and I cash in for having only moderate attitudes about cats.