Heavy, I know. But this is very real for so many people. This Sunday will be my 11th Father's Day without my dad — here's how I've learned to cope.
  1. Do something that reminds you of spending time with your dad.
    I usually play Patsy Cline when I want to feel close to my dad. Reminds me of being in the car with him when he would pick me up from dance classes or play rehearsals.
  2. Avoid most social media.
    All the pictures shouting out all the alive dads can be a little overwhelming and make me sad. But I do remind myself that those posts also make people who don't have great relationships with their alive dads sad. Nothing's perfect.
  3. Do something nice for yourself.
    Get a fancy coffee. Go outside. Watch a movie that makes you laugh.
  4. Call your mom or any other important family member.
    They miss your dad, too.
  5. Send messages to your friends who have also lost a dad.
    I've got a small group of friends who have also lost a parent. Just simply acknowledging to each other that sometimes we miss our deceased parent is so powerful and meaningful. It makes me feel like it's okay to talk about grief.
  6. Realize it's just a day.
    It's not a personal affront to remind you that your dad is dead. It's just a day and tomorrow is another day. You're going to be just fine 💕