1. "Pilot" from Friday Night Lights. Season 1, Episode 1
    A perfect pilot. If you don't fall I love with Coach Eric Taylor and Dillon, TX after this episode, then I can't help you.
  2. "Bummers/Blueberries" from Louie. Season 2, Episode 2
    Only Louis CK can take TV to this level of absurdity and walk the line of offensive and hysterical perfectly.
  3. "The Bubble" from 30 Rock. Season 3, Episode 15
    It's hard to chose only one episode of 30 Rock but watching Liz Lemon forcing Jon Hamm's character to face the reality normal looking people live in is terrific.
  4. "College" from The Sopranos. Season 1, Episode 5
    I'm not the first to say this but this is the episode where The Sopranos is truly at its finest. It's also the first episode you see that Tony is capable of some dark stuff and how he navigates his power as a mob boss while also being a dad.
  5. "Chapter Twenty" from Jane the Virgin. Season 1, Episode 20
    As a type A personality, I sympathize with Jane's manic attempt to feel like she can do it all when she really should just ask for a little help. Also a great episode to see positive female relationships between generations.