1. I'm Michael
    Some people call me Mike, but most call me Michael. I'm really fine with either.
  2. I have a PhD in computer science
    I had a crazy notion of being a professor but as I got close to graduating I realized it wasn't the life I really wanted.
  3. I helped put a rover on Mars.
    After grad school I worked at NASA on the Curiosity rover, and a few other projects. I left shortly before it landed on Mars and honestly I don't miss it. What I do miss are the amazing people I got to work with!
  4. I 💖 all things Disney!
    Whenever we had time, my wife, son and I would go out to Disneyland - it was our happy place. I was always coming up with wacky ideas for the park and interested in how it operates. Finally my wife told me when I leave NASA I should go to Disney. We moved (back) to Fl and that is exactly what I did...
  5. I'm a "cast member" at Disney Parks and Resorts Digital/Technology.
    My team is responsible for the software that allows you to book dining reservations at the parks in the US. Not quite rocket science - but I enjoy it and am still throwing out the crazy ideas!
  6. We have a lovable greyhound - named Rocket
    Rocket is a retired Greyhound. He is the perfect dog. He is scary enough looking to be a good security dog but really just wants to love everyone. Greyhounds make awesome pets!
  7. Feel free to ask me about Space or Disney
    You don't spend 5 years working on Mars without learning a few things - and I'm always happy to discuss such topics. But really I can talk your ear off about Disney and will happily take Disney list requests!