1. Slept in. Really late!
    Like I got more rest/sleep than I probably have in a few years. It was everything I could have hoped for and more!
  2. Brunch with the family.
    Yeah, it was really lunch. That's how late we slept.
  3. Water Park!!!
    This was a big deal because I had eye surgery around thanksgiving last year. I went from coke-bottle 20/1600 vision to almost 20/20 and I could keep my eyes open on the slides and still see! I always loved water slides but now even more!
  4. Ice Cream at the water park 🍨🍦
    And not just any ice cream. We got a "sand pail" sundae. That's a bucket full of ice cream and toppings and goodness. And a shovel. We share one maybe once or twice a year.
  5. Finally tackled a home improvement project
    Nothing big. But I'm not too handy. So it felt good to do it and get it done.
  6. Pizza for dinner
  7. Getting the kid off to bed for his last 3 days of school.