Places I will not use as my command center when I take over the world

It is no secret that I plan to take over the world... Step 1 is finding the perfect place to rule from. This is the list of places I've ruled out.
  1. The booth at Arby's.
    Try as you might, the manager will just get testy and ask you to either order some food or give up the booth.
  2. My kids bedroom
    Too many Legos on the floor!
  3. The #3 bus
    It is too hard to get world leaders to take you seriously with all those people in the background!
  4. A deserted volcanic island
    While you may think it is a perfect place there are a few problems: rent is too high, try getting a high speed internet connect, and there is a volcano threatening to go off!
  5. The library
    I don't want to be told to be quite every time I pass a decree or order.
  6. The north pole
    Not only would this be too cold, I wouldn't want nosy kids discovering my command center while looking for Santa.