1. I'm a bit snarky
    By which I mean quite a bit! And I have little to no filter.
  2. But I am not mean spirited
    I do not mean to offend anyone. If I take it too far it was ignorance and stupidity on my part and I don't mean to upset anyone
  3. I expect and accept nothing less than perfection from myself
    And I often let myself down
  4. I do not expect that from anyone else
  5. I share my successes with everyone who made it possible
  6. I own my failures as my own and don't like to blame others
  7. If we have opposing viewpoints, I will listen to your side
    And hope you will do the same for me
  8. If you convince me I'm wrong - I will admit it and change my mind
    I've had this treated as a weakness. But I think it is a strength
  9. You want my friendship, trust, loyalty? You've got it!
    I will give that unconditionally when we meet. Please don't abuse or lose it - because it will be very hard to get back
  10. I try to always be truthful with everyone, always.
    If you doubt that I'm being honest - ask me if I am and I'll tell you the truth.
  11. I like to be transparent with people.
    If I have nothing to hide there is less chance I'll say something to mess up
  12. I do believe that my word is my bond and if I promise something I will deliver.
    I would like to get the same in return but don't expect it.
  13. I'd like to say that this list is me 100% of the time - but I'm human and it isn't.
    This would be the best reflection of myself and if I'm not true to it - call me on it! I want to be made aware.