A list of quotes by Donald Trump if he was a programmer
  1. I have code. I have the best code. I don't even need to compile my code it is so good.
  2. I don't see why I should open source my project. It is so good there is no point.
  3. I could release an app that did nothing but brick your phone and people would still pay 99 cents for it.
  4. I'm going to make blackberry a great operating system again.... And I'll make apple and Google pay for it!
  5. You can see the memory leaking from her unmanaged code. It is disgusting.
  6. My whole life is about coding. I don't test often. I almost never test.
    Suggested by @H3Dakota
  7. Woman can code? I don't know any, they must not be very good.
    Suggested by @Just1MoreThing
  8. I'm not saying they are all bad, but they are using the least efficient data structures. They are using HASHtables and linear PROBING.
  9. I've often said that if my code was a woman, I'd be dating it.
    Suggested by @lizzy4liz
  10. I use great words when I code. I use the best words. People love them. It's going to be amazing. And that's. That's why my code will win. <<people cheer deliriously - journalists dumbfounded trying to figure out how to make an actual sentence out of this>>
    Suggested by @thparker42