Been too long since I did this!
  1. My wife and son.
    Always top of the list. That's why I up-Ed to 4!
  2. A bug I accidentally introduced was caught and corrected before it caused problems.
    In trying to fix a minor issue I accidentally introduced a much bigger issue. Although still an edge case it could have caused far bigger problems. It was caught and corrected before going live.
  3. Treated to fireworks while walking the dog.
    The Magic Kingdom (about a mile from our house) was shooting off their nightly fireworks while the pooch and I had our walk. I also got to hear some parade music immediately after.
  4. Got a brain dump on adoption today!
    I spoke to two different people on the phone today regarding our adoption. Got a lot of great information. Quite a bit to do - but it certainly ups the excitement level?