Yes, I'm from Upstate New York. But I'm not the biggest skier. I don't care for it. I can ski, but I don't like to. So I make excuses so I don't have to. Add your own!
  1. I twisted my ankle
    Cheap, but it works.
  2. I'm scared of heights.
    Totally false.
  3. Bad gondola experience as a kid
    I love riding in gondolas! Especially when it's windy and they start rocking!
  4. I'm more of a snowboarder
    Don't do this! Because they still use ski slopes!
  5. I never learned how
    People will wonder why, but it's a great reason.
  6. It's expensive
    Can't argue with that!
  7. I'm an extreme skier and they don't have helicopter slopes around
    Bad idea! Someone will find some.