Have you seen or heard (or smelt or tasted maybe) something you can't explain or people don't believe? I have. Please add your own!
  1. I saw Champ (the monster of Lake Champlain) in New York once. I saw its head above water and then it submerged.
  2. I've got an unexplained thing to report: 4 hours after you posted this list, I posted my unexplained phenomena list. I swear i hadn't seen this list till just now. Cue the Twilight Zone 🎶🎼
    Suggested by @fats
  3. I have a very clear memory of having a procedure done when I was around 8 (there was even a bed pan, which I was told to pee in).
    My parents say this never happened, but I am 100% certain it did. Maybe they forgot?! I don't even remember what it was for!
    Suggested by @saytrumbo