Back in the day when celebs were Republican and it was bad to talk about AIDS in the White House, The Gipper's wife was slaying looks Claire Underwood style.
  1. Inauguration gown '81
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    Single shoulder Galanos with opera gloves.
  2. Dancing with Sinatra
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    Old blue eyes suavely cutting in on The Gipper. Nancy is all, "Bye Felicia" to Ron.
  3. Meeting Meryl
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    Those sleeves aren't just Out of Africa...They OUT OF THIS WORLD.
  4. Chilling with Diana
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    Both are killing the executive branch realness day look game. Also same hair.
  5. Laying with Ron's pillow on couch.
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    Red Room luxuriating. Peek-a-Ru, I see you red shoe.
  6. Hanging with bestie Liz Taylor.
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    Why is Liz wearing her look from "A Little Night Music" but with really good eye shadow?!?!
  7. Hanging with Princess Grace.
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    "And we'll never be royyyalls". Um, YES WE WILL.
  8. Hanging with Sly and The Queen of Denmark.
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    Look at Gitta BEFORE Flava Flav!!!
  9. Serving Capitol Hill Couture, '85.
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    Giving us First Lady hat game we hadn't seen since Jackie. Ron won in a landslide, and so did this look on FLOTUS 2.0 day.
  10. Hanging with Mister T.
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    Black Santa's little elf. I pity the fool who doesn't appreciate this stripes and bow combo.
  11. Family Christmas card.
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    This two piece look would slay today. Merry Christmas 2015!
  12. Blowing it up it in Bill Blass Red.
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    Her favorite designer. JUST SAY YES to Bill Blass.
  13. Nancy & Annie & Sandy.
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    "Betcha he reads (sure), betcha she sews (not), maybe she's got a closet full of red clothes (FOR SURE!)." Also her embellished shoe.
  14. "Entertaining At The White House" book cover.
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    Daring neckline for a First Lady!
  15. Looks so fierce she gets a paper doll fashion book.
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    I want to find the IRL of the sparkly creation on the far right!!!
  16. Slaying the FLOTUS portrait game hardcore in a red column and dramatic necklace.
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    G.O.P. Stands for Gorlfriend On Point!!!
  17. Finally, Good Night!!!
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    GLAM GLAM GLAM GLAM!!! Kicking those two tone pumps and putting those sequins to good use "ALL NIGHT LOOOONG!"