1. Heather B. Original diva.
  2. Eric Neis. Hot plus workout DVD career post show.
  3. Beth. Original LA TROUBLE
  4. Rachel Campos. Also, tried out for and was a finalist like 3 times for the always revolving vacant spot on The View circa late nineties.
  5. Pedro. TV trailblazer.
  6. PUCK. TV booger.
  7. Sharon. London diva.
  8. CUBAN Melissa. Slapping Dan and calling him a f-ing flamer was everything.
  9. MONTANA. The greatest REAL WORLDER of all time. Also her boyfriend VAJ broke up with her via beeper.
  10. Janet. Kind of chic and smokers voice. Also almost died hiking in Himalayas.
  11. IRENE. Manipulative. Slapped by Steven. Seattle was everything.
  12. Ruthie. Hot Hawaii mess.
  13. David. C'mon be my baby tonight 🙌🙌🙌
  14. Julie. Super Mormon and so many lies.
  15. Mike "The Miz". Also WWF champion post RW credit is siiiick.
  16. TRISHELLE CANNATELLA. Hot Las Vegas mess. Always drinks and sloppy kisses in Palms penthouse suite jacuzz. Filthy water.
  17. And finally, my friend Simon from Paris. Check out his InstaG for siiiiick bod selfies.
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  18. I stopped watching The Real World in 2003. Also Road Rules Real World Challenge seasons were SIIIIICK!!!
  19. Waiiiiit, late addendum: AMAYA from Hawaii. Reallll trouble same season as Ruthie. 💥💥💥💥
  20. I wonder what/how Genesis is doing more often (read: about once a decade) I should.
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