I was in the waiting room to get an MRI on my ankle this morning and thought I'd scroll through my contacts. Here are some oddities/gems/relics of another place and time that I found.
  1. Shrooms
  2. Streisand
  3. GRINDR doctor
  4. Actor Bad Jeans
  5. Joe NYC
  6. Hot NYC
  7. Romain in Paris
  8. Nick.
    The period.
  9. Grandma Celi
    Aw...grandma had a celi. She would also yell into my cel phone voicemails "pick up, pick up!!!" As if I could hear her. Never forget. Never delete.
  10. Miami Sound Machine
  11. Oprah Winfrey Show
  12. Kathleen Najimy
    This is not Kathy Najimy
  13. Tricky Dickie
  14. Straight Heinrich
  15. Venice Boardwalk Healer
  16. ?
    **I have actually texted with "?"
  17. Tatum O'Neal