I hate self parking and avoid it like the plague (minus parallel parking which I'm the illist at). Suggestions welcome!
  1. Erewhon
    Mad small spaces and very unhelpful parking attendants who have motioned me into a cement pole.
  2. Equinox/Soul Cycle WEHO
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    Forgiving spots but CRAZY AGGRO SOUL CYCLE WIVES who leave nasty notes if you squeeze into that YES ITS A SPOT BECAUSE THEY ABOUT TO GIVE UP MY BIKE AND THIS FUCKER BE FULL ALL THE WAY TO P4 non-spot on the P2 level by the elevator. To clarify: it's an empty space twice as big as a parking spot with NO LINES. It also blocks nobody and isn't in anything's way- sort of like the IM LATE FOR MY MOVIE spots at the end of some rows at The Arclight. Finder's Keeper's y'all.
  3. Joan's On Third
    Glad they put a valet there finally but beware of the disappearing telephone pole they've covered with mattress padding because obvio it's only there when it feels like being there.
  4. 241 N Canon Drive/242 N Beverly Drive
    This skinny fucker escargots down like 3 floors (really one). Do not rent a pick up truck while your VW Golf is in the shop to look cool to your out of town visiting friends circa 2007 and take on this lot. I lost a door and like 1/3 of my CalArts scholarship reward on this asshole.
  5. Arclight Hollywood
    @sarahfrances lost a window and got her Vuitton airplane bag stolen here. Also no cameras to identify culprit.
  6. Wholefoods 3rd and Fairfax
    Good night and good luck.
  7. LA Music Center/Ahmanson Downtown
    Aw Hell No. Mostly because old people everywhere and a bewildering maze like Jennifer Connelly in LABYRINTH to get out.
  8. 9000 Sunset Blvd.
    Beware of children (and parents) not looking as they leave the pediatrician, also mad congested valet-only entrance but mostly dangerous cuz 1 million dollars per-hour parking fee. All of my doctors (minus shrink) are in this building. I spend less on my co-pays monthly than I do in this asshole.
  9. The Getty Center
    Full panic attack that makes the payoff of the sick view and mad huge Medieval Jesus's collection far less enjoyable.