My first list goes out to she who once stuck my hand in her bosom.
  2. 9. UUUGG BOOOTS! (Not a person, but Oprah loves her some comfy ugg boots).
  3. 8. My good friend, MICHELLE OBAMMMAAAAA!
  4. 7. MY MENTOR-MOTHER-SISTER-FRIEND DR. MAYA ANGELOUUUUU! (please watch the episode where Maya and Oprah host a slumber party and read in Oprah's bed in their pajamas).
  5. 6. FAVORITE THINGS 2004! (not a person but the namedrops are endless in this episode where Oprah gifts Teachers Gone Wild flatscreen TV's, Maytag washers, a trip to Miraval spa ("u get to bring a frieeeennnddddd!") and a Gerald Levert Christmas Album). Also Hon. Mention to the SNL skit it inspired.
  6. 5. BARBRA STREISAAAAAAAAAND! (Also, Barbra's insistence on having a white microphone tense q and a moment is incredible).
  8. 3. MARY TYLER MOOOOOORREEE! (Also, she makes Oprah cry).
  9. 2. JOHN TRAVOOOOOOOLLLLLTAAAAAAAA! (So many appearances but the one where she says "you and I are all going to AUUUSTRALLLIAAAAAA!" and cue Travovo entering piloting a plane takes the cake).
  10. 1. Of course, JULIA ROBBBBBBBERRRRTTTSSS!!! (O's Bestie gets the best shout out ever. Look up when they shared their love for the sheets at the Four Seasons on Jules's first appearance. It's the moment that birthed their eternal friendship).