Female Characters in Cimena With Great Style (➕open List➕)

Most made it here because the wardrobe served the film; some are just serving downright extravaganza. Pease suggest your own! I wanna know your favorites.
  1. Lady Lyndon in BARRY LYNDON
    As played by Marisa Berenson. Was there a step-by-step tutorial you could order via-pigeon messenger in 1750s England for how to do a mole and powdered face look? And how long would it take to get to you? (btw—her husband and oldest son SUCKED).
  2. Magdalena Rivas in BROKEN EMBRACES
    As played by Penelope Cruz. Chanel, Dior, early 90s VERSACE VERSACE VERSACE. Almodovar’s entire catalogue is a Fashion Party attended by Actresses, Hookers and Transexuals (my kind of mixer) but this one particularly stands out because of Penelope’s opportunistic ride to the top—morphing from CEO's secretary to CEO’s wifey to wannabe movie star. Also the costume jewelry is TO. DIE. FOR.
  3. Mrs. Chan in IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE
    As played by Maggie Cheung. Going downstairs to buy noodles on a steamy Hong Kong 1960’s summer evening never looked so fucking sexy-chic. This film is a thing of sumptuous beauty. Also the music. Lets see how many designers cramp Maggie’s mandarin collar style at this years China themed Met Ball.
  4. Leeloo in THE FIFTH ELEMENT
    As played by Mila Jovovich. John Paul Gaultier giving you sci-fi bandeau futurism. Also super easy to recreate for ComiCon. Also her full name is Leeloominaï Lekatariba Lamina-Tchaï Ekbat De Sebat.
  5. Mama Roma in MAMA ROMA
    As played by Anna Magnani. Mama proves you don’t have to be rich to oooze style; its all about the attitude kids. Mama gives you faded prostitute curvaceous hip thrusts with every clickity clack of her walk-of-no-shame pumps. Mama is ORIGINAL ITALIAN STREET STYLE in tight as fuck pencil skirts and a big ass hooker bag to smack you with. (also her sons double breasted looks are tiiiighhht)
  6. Sadie Shelton in BIG BUSINESS
    As played by Bette Midler. I watch this movie once a year and GAG at Bette’s hurricane entrance: spooled facsimiles fly, orders are barked and the boss lady reads you to filth (”Is this how you dress for the office? You look like a blood clot.”) Executive Reaganomic Realness. Do yourself a favor and watch her entrance, it will be your favorite 50 seconds spent off of ListApp today: http://bit.ly/1ENOCIW
  7. Cher Horowitz in CLUELESS
    As played by Alicia Silverstone. I don’t need to say much here xcept “You don’t understand this is an Alaïa”. Thank you Cher for introducing legions of Americans (including my 15 year old self) to the genius world of Mr. A-Whatta.
  8. Madeline Ashton and Helen Sharp in DEATH BECOMES HER
    As played by Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn. These two rotting ghouls may have been dead in the veins but were serving me LIFE in their early nineties RODEO DRIVE ELEGANZA. They may have thrown Julia Roberts shade at Boulmiche in Pretty Woman but I bet you “Mad” and “Hell” were given store VIP treatment as they cat-fought each other in the dressing room. “EN GARDE, BITCH!”
  9. Vittoria in L'ECLISSE
    As played by Monica Vitti. Early sixties Roman upper-class malaise never looked so effortless chic. Shift dress: check. Sling-back pumps: check. Single strand of pearls: check. Ambivalence about your hot as balls boyfriend (Alain Delon): check. Also, one scene in black face and traditional Masai garment is bonkers.
  10. May Day in A VIEW TO A KILL
    As played by Grace Jones. Please see my previous list.
  11. Miriam Blaylock in THE HUNGER
    As played by Catherine Deneuve. Vampires have always dressed well but this particular one’s style takes a stake to my heart. Deneuve could have been on this list three times for her legendary on screen swagger (Saint-Laurent sophisticated in BELLE DE JOUR, French-Colonial Glamourama in INDOCHINE) in a career of always-on-point chic that has spanned 7 decades.
  12. Nicole Horner in LES DIABOLIQUES
    As played by Simone Signoret. I watched this KILLA THRILLA in AP French class and almost peed myself at Signoret’s school teacher/murderess stylings. This is "HAUUW TO GET AWAY WITH MURRDERRR” with 50's cinch-waisted realness. Deceit and drowning never looked so chic.
  13. Rachael in BLADE RUNNER
    As played by Sean Young. She might be a replicant but there is NOTHING un-original about Rachel’s sci-fi noir wardrobe. The Tyrell Corporation must have bio-engineered this model with super good taste and a BLACK AMEX because her lewks are LUXURY! Also, where’d you get those glowy contacts, GURL?
  14. The Women of THE WOMEN
    As played by Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, Rosalind Russell, Mary Boland and Paulette Goddard. I love the queens of comedy of the 1930’s so I had a hard time with who to single out. So…I didn’t! This all-woman all-DIVINE film is ONE BIG FASHION PARADE. There is also an essential fashion show scene, where models throw peanuts at monkeys: //www.tcm.com/mediaroom/video/337425/Women-The-Movie-Clip-Into-The-Future.html
  15. Grace Kelly in Rear Window
    Edith Head probz knew best how to make wardrobe serve the film. This first look that everyone remembers is gorgeous but clearly ridic against the backdrop of Jimmy Stewart's tiny apt. And then her clothes become more practical (but still expensive-looking and pretty) as they resolve the disconnect btwn them/solve the murder. Except for her totally over the top nightgown, but that was completely necessary
    Suggested by   @rachel
  16. Holly Golightly
    BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S. Audrey Hepburn. So stylin'. Classic. Adorable.
    Suggested by   @ChrisK
  17. Audrey Hepburn, How to Steal a Million
    Givenchy everything and her character is the daughter of a stupid rich art forger in Paris. Enough said.
    Suggested by   @rachel
  18. Vivien Leigh, Gone With the Wind
    How do I wear something that says MONEY and seduces Clark Gable at the same time? OH I KNOW, imma turn these green velvet curtains into a dress that would make Tim Gunn proud.
    Suggested by   @rachel
  19. Gigi in GIGI
    Thank heaven for Leslie Caron!
    Suggested by   @chris
  20. Eva Peron in EVITA
    I know you said not to cry for you, but your fashions are making me weep with joy, girl.
    Suggested by   @chris
  21. Selena in SELENA
    Every night I sing "I Could Fall in Love" but about your outfits.
    Suggested by   @chris
  22. Anita in WEST SIDE STORY
    This dress turned me gay.
    Suggested by   @chris
  23. Nikita in LA FEMME NIKITA
    Played by Anne Parillaud. She literally killed it in stilettos. And that white hat with the holes in it and the black polka dot dress? H. O. T.
    Suggested by   @eatthelove
  24. Lynn Bracken in LA Confidential
    As portrayed by Kim Basinger. This Christmas Eve liquor store run, first of all, but my fave outfit is the one she wears after Bud White works her over. We get to see her in pants for the first time and the cyuuuutest little smoking flats and white beret.
    Suggested by   @Aliiice
  25. Phyllis Nefler in Troop Beverly Hills
    As played by Shelley Long (who, per director Jeff Kanew at an interactive screening in Brooklyn, was NOT a nightmare but WAS very involved in the costume design), this character's wardrobe is such an embarrassment of riches, Lindy West ranked her ensembles for Jezebel: http://bit.ly/1LnpfSw
    Suggested by   @SGGinNYC
  26. Julianne Moore in A Single Man
    Suggested by   @jujujerni
  27. Sharon Stone in Casino
    Suggested by   @jujujerni
  28. Winona Ryder in Beetle Juice
    Suggested by   @jujujerni