The few, the unfulfilled, the underwhelmed. Before I ever really macked it with some boys, there were my girls.
  1. Kelly in the piano room
    I kissed petite framed and big voiced Kelly M and her boobs one night after "Crazy For You" practice. There was a rehearsal room conveniently located behind the brand new theater. She wore her tan character tap shoes and had to tip toe in to avoid making sound.
  2. Aisha in her dorm room
    I was helping her study for her AP Spanish exam. She was wearing a silky turquoise pajama set like the ones from the TLC "Creep" video and her smart glasses. We fondled over our clothing. She recited Neruda while I grazed the skin between her cleavage with the fluff ball on the end of a pen. Aisha will be President one day.
  3. Jaina on the JV Lacrosse field
    Jaina was blonde and curvaceous and wild and had the reputation of being a great high school lover. She man-handled me on a New Jersey spring night; just out of direct reach of the blueish glow of the bug-crowded bleacher lights. Crickets chirped loudly and clothing, again, stayed on.
  4. Diana during a basement game of Spin The Bottle
    A wrap party/sleepover after our senior year musical in Nicole Applebaum's basement. We had wine coolers and pot. We played a few rounds of sexual preference non specific spin the bottle and I (thankfully) landed on Diana (nickname Dianimal). She was my best friend-- the Guildenstern to my Rosencrantz (literally the G to my R- we played the roles opposite each other in the gender blind casted Fall play). We kissed with no tongue and her big white teeth hit mine.
  5. That's all I got.