Barbra Streisand has made many amazing, seminal, ridiculous, groundbreaking, crazy as F, super major album covers. An homage to them and a little bit of their best music.
  1. The Barbra Streisand Album, ‘63.
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    The first album is exquisite and the album cov is super “interesting” (a word B loves to say—so I will use aplenty in this entry): it foreshadows so much of her relentless-nagging-necessary-in-order-to-kill-it perfectionism. Even at 21 she already knows: favor the left side of the face,"find your light",and pay specific care to a monochromatic wardrobe palette. Audio highlight: The vocal fireworks of HAPPY DAYS sent young B, via Ethel Merman Memorial Express Lane, to the Belter Hall of Fame.
  2. The Second Barbra Streisand Album, ‘63.
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    Hair: everything. Lighting: everything. Also contrary to popular belief, Barbra’s not afraid to give you the RIGHT side of her face (“if you can see the buall of the left eye” while pointing to her tear duct she one told me during a pre-light, "it can be interesting”.) Audio highlight: Barbra gives the Kander and Ebb gem from Cabaret I DONT CARE MUCH the chipped green nail polish irreverence of a Sally Bowles stuck in the Berlin rain—mascara running, wet fur coat…not really caring much.
  3. My Name Is Barbra, Two… ’65.
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    They couldn’t get enough of one so naturally…the squeakqual. Tall as fuck top hat with drape over shoulder is early B saying, “I’m a fun, flirty and fabulous shayne maydl”. Audio highlight: HE TOUCHED ME is a master class in diction lending itself to emotion in vocal interpretation; Act/singing while beautifully phrasing only like Mama Judy Garland could before her.
  4. Lazy Afternoon ‘75.
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    YAS KWEEN. Exactly my look on a lazy afternoon. Also Barbra at home on a couch will become an album cover go-to in future. Audio highlight: BY THE WAY is classic Striesand on this otherwise meek mid seventies LP. She was probably too busy preparing for the opus that was...
  5. A Star Is Born ‘76.
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    FULL Streisand profile shows she’s unafraid of giving you FULL nose. Also naked and sexy as fuck. Kristofferson also nude. My favorite of her many hot-as-hell co-stars/love interests (sorry Redford and O’Neal): “Lets not talk about them” she whispered to me after a long sigh “its very interesting but thats a different documentary”. Audio highlight: All of goddam EVERGREEN especially “Lo-o-ooove…two lights that SHA-HA-HINE as one…”
  6. What About Today, ’69.
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    B LOVES herself a wig and costume for a fun role-play as Sarah Bernhard in her Art Noveau room (truth) with Jim (speculation). She said to me, “I always joke with Fonda that she owes her career to me—I passed on Horses, Julia AND Klute”. This cov feels like Fonda revenge (JF won the O for Klute) because B is giving me ALL THREE CHARACTERS AT ONCE in this frame!!Also—the 2003 point and shoot b/w color separating vfx will come back to haunt us. Audio highlight: ALFIE on this tepid contemp album.
  7. The Way We Were ‘74.
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    Welcome to Intro to Streisand NailGame 101 boys and girls!! Also TURBAN. ALSO LIP/NAIL/CHEEK monochromatic palette. Also song of the decade. BOOM. Audio highlight: "Misty Fucking Watercolored Memories!!"
  8. Je M’appelle Barbra, ’66.
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    BJ (Barbra Joan for you non-followers) has always loved herself some French vocals and she’s really good at it! I love this shot here where she's giving us LOOOOONG FINGERS, CLAWS and BRACELETS she defo got on her trip to Africa. Find those pics of her trip to Africa!! Audio highlight: KILLING it on “Non C’est Rien”. Also find the video of it from her COLOR ME BARBRA tv special for the epic museum/cafe mise-en-scene.
  9. Wet, ’79.
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    The album is a concept album—with all the songs referring to, or expressing different interpretations of, water…naturally so does the cover. I think/hope Barbra was nude neck down for authenticity. Audio highlight: See next entry...
  10. No More Tears (Enough Is Enough), ’79.
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    Streisand and Summers (nuff said) YAS KWEENZ! Really a single but this shot must make this list. Donna may have said some stupid homophobic things which she later apologized/was forgiven for but this fierce shot is GAY GAY HEAVEN. Audio highlight: WHAT ELSE, also its a single….so no choice.
  11. The Broadway Album, ‘85.
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    Giving you tin pan alley authentic here with HAT and VELVET and BOOTS and DOILEY SOCKS! “Move the third fold in the music sheet over an inch to make the frame more interesting”, I can imagine her saying. Audio highlight: SLAYING the Sondheim songbook esp on PUTTING IT TOGETHER where Steve changed the lyrics so it could fit like a couture corset gown to Barbra’s career!
  12. One Voice '86.
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    Sure it's a production still but a few years off Yentl and already prepping Prince of Tides, BJ was very in touch w her inner directress—white Donna Karan turtle neck dress and pumps: check; simple lucite stool: check. Also her first live performance in ages deserves an important footnote: *It took place in her Malibu backyard for 500 of her besties so she could avoid her notorious shpilkes ("That's Yiddish for nerves"). Audio highlight: A soft more “just between us girls" version of EVERGREEN.
  13. Guilty, ’80.
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    YAS KWEENZ! Streisand and Gibb. Beej has said she’s super proud of art directing this cover shot! Hair (on both) super hairy, white silk monochrome, dropping first name on cover:YAS! BeeGee melody’s with Barbra’s now matured “like buttah” voice is last days of disco perfect: synth may have died but these two were singing to us from the crescent moon at 54th and heaven. Audio highlight: hard but WOMAN IN LOVE. Hardcore vocals and at the time the longest held single note on a Billboard number 1.
  14. Guilty Pleasures, ’05.
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    Streisand and Gibb 2.0 BUT 25 years later!! Also—recreation of original cover but with black background. WHAT? Also note body language (and hair) says, "we are more friends than lovers now". Audio highlight: *I have never listened to this album.
  15. Timeless, '00.
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    This more recent live album’s cover is such a good example of post-meno Streisand aesthetic: satiny pink fabric draped over a throne YAS! Satiny pink roses on the stem (probably her beloved Fragrant Cloud type from her garden) YAS! Choker YASSSS! This is SILKY GORGEOUS INTRESTINGNESS! Audio highlight: Vocals are strong on this Y2k NYE live show from Vegas but the dialogue interludes with Shirley MacLaine speaking from the future is TWO THOUSAND AND WOW!
  16. The Movie Album ’03.
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    YAS KWEEN! Giving you Spielberg-esque seriousness but with nail game french mani PERCHED on viewfinder lens. Simple, powerful, monochromatic! Audio highlight: Chaplin’s SMILE sounds “like two fat sticks of buttah”.
  17. Higher Ground '97.
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    I love this Spanish mantilla look and the enhanced photoshopped eyes giving me "Take A Bow" Madonna. Forgive her father for she has sinned: and I'm not talking about this confusing collection of spiritual music. Audio highlight: TELL HIM, the only non religious track (or was it?) with epic and crazy Celine Dion.
  18. Love Is The Answer, ‘09.
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    LOVE B asking us to cozy up to her Dune Point compound for a chocolate milk. She’s lounged in the blue chenille dream that is The Barn just a few rose bushes away from her main house. Hand, Blanket, Hair over Eye, good tan. Also her beloved Coton De Tulaire (who wears a Star of David) Sammy is just out of frame. **She loves a dog near her on an album cov—hon. Mention to 78’s SONGBIRD. Audio highlight: You can hear her lips smack before her vowels on French/English heartbreaker IF YOU GO AWAY.
  19. What Matters Most, ’12.
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    Barbra, now 70, aint got the time for everything in between hunting for old Machzor’s on ebay and feeding her chickens. So the last few album covers (like her last few films) have been shot entirely on her Malibu property and more than likely, on her way to lunch. Here B is in front of her main house for a quickie (note the on the run hairdo)—I imagine Jimbo snapping the photo on his 7D as B's assistant Renata holds a reflector out of frame. Audio highlight: The haunting WINDMILLS OF MY MIND.
  20. Partners, ’14.
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    Barbra is a Baller—this album outsold OneD in 2014. Sticking with the hurried album cover vibe but taking the production up a few notches here she is lounging in her backyard in a wicker chaise. I include the uncropped version of this photo so you can enjoy Sammie and the heels up pose she’s serving us in her really on-point Quaker look (but also anklet!). Audio highlight on album: Slaying the big band vocals with Buble on IT HAD TO BE YOU.
  21. Emotion, '84.
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    My runner up for most righteous cover. The perm and fluffy over the shoulder sweater give me mid 80's everything. Also please find the back cover to this album to see the full look of only stretchy pants and semi-floppy white cowboy boots under the sweater. Audio highlight: the very schmaltzy MAKE NO MISTAKE HES MINE duet with the inimitable Kim Carnes.
  22. Superman, ’77.
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    I save the best for last. No description necessary. Drop the beat BJ! Audio highlight on album: The best years of her voice showcased on the AMAZING cover of good friend Billy Joel’s NEW YORK STATE OF MIND.