A visual homage.
  1. All smiles.
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    Madonna with high pony and above knee boot. Sean in early version of trademark skinny tie and undone top button. They look so happy (or bratty?)!
  2. White Heat.
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    True Blue era of ice cropped/dry shampooed hair and thick brow (my number three favorite all-time Madonna Ciccone look) is making me inner-scream. Sean annoyed at paparazzi but his looks is super cool! I'm trying his look tomorrow.
  3. Shanghai Surprise.
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    The only surprise is that this movie ever got made. But the costumes are Sandy Powell playful and the hair is really good.
  4. Wedding.
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    Middle fingers for days to the helicoptered papz. Also her hat. Also this must have been a fun wedding. The Penn's and the Ciccone's are rowdy people- he's Russian/Italian and she's...well...Italian/Detrotian. Remember her Papa Don't Preach t-shirt?
  5. Cuuuute.
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    Lacoste and HOT haircut. Also she's always been a good brunette too!! (Frozen people!!)
  6. White Heat 2.0
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    Now the wet hair look from True Blue album. YESSSSSS! Also his chambray buttoned all the way up is delicious.
  7. On The Run
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    The first Hollywood couple EVER to be photographed working on their fitness together. Also, Body Fusion hand weights.
  8. Killing it.
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    His Italian suit over a tennis polo is LUXURY. Her chewing gum in a red onesie and witch boot is Madge inventing Miley before Miley.
  9. Cuuuute 2.0
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    "True love oh baby, true love oh baby" vibes with Debbie Mazar as a backup dancer.
  10. Sean spits at papz.
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    He's angry.
  11. Sean throws soda can at papz (M covers face behind).
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    He's more angry.
  12. Sean punches papz.
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    He's angry as all fuck.
  13. Madonna and Sean head to court because he punched papz.
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    All great things must come to an end. I had wished this was our finale image. But...
  14. Madonna is wearing a grill.
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    Why is Madonna wearing a grill?!? Also what do they talk about now?