Movies Where Tom Cruise Distinctively Looks Like a Member of Sea Org

Tom Cruise is one of my favorite actors. He is also a high ranking member of The Church of Scientology. Here's a list of his film roles which required full SEA ORG pageant regalia.
  1. Top Gun ('86)
    Featuring the hit single "Take My Wife Away"
  2. A Few Good Men ('92)
    YAS TOM! FULL Miscavige salute
  3. (One more from A Few Good Men)
    Just cuz Tom is so fucking FIIIIINNNNE when he's in uniform.
  4. Minority Report ('02)
    Not in uniform but Tommy is totally giving me audit fingers.
  5. Valkyrie ('08)
    Disconnection is the severance of all ties between a Scientologist and a friend, colleague, family member...or a bad eye.
  6. Oblivion ('13)
    This Sci-Fi look is very OT 8.
  7. Edge of Tomorrow ('14)
    "Live, Audit, Repeat...Live, Audit, Repeat"
  8. taps ('81)
    his second role as a crazed military academy student obvs training to kill thetans.
    Suggested by   @lindsaygelfand