Her name was May Day, she could murdah you with her gun AND her lewks.
  1. 00Diva
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  2. "9-11 this is an emergency. Alaïa and I can't get up."
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  3. This horse track ensemble is "My Fair Jamaican Goddess".
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    The hat is Dr. Seuss-chic millinery heaven. Belt.
  4. Force Majeure
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  5. "La Vie En Red"
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    ***Also Walken in a tux
  6. Va-va-villain!
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    Godard said "all you need for a movie is a girl and a gun". May Day said "all you need is a girl, and a gun, and a fur, and a golden hair spear".
  7. "Hair and Shoulders"
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    Also bleached Walken. And does anyone know what you call that wave technique in her flat top?!
  8. "Warm Leatherette"
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  9. "Girlz n the Hood"
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    Also, unexpected shoe
  10. "Pinstripe Galore"
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    Also, glasses and PERFECT FLAT TOP
  11. "Steel Vagina" Street Fighter realness
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    Her best line from "Boomerang" is her also her least clothed look from "VTaK".