1. They go to a dog dermatologist.
  2. They eat gluten free meals made by a chef.
  3. RUNYON CANYON!!! But the long way.
  4. They have good friends in Venice they don't see enough because they live SOOOO FAAAAR.
  5. They've staycationed at The Sunset Tower but complained about the thread count and street noise.
  6. They've met Renee Zellwegger.
  7. They've kissed Lisa Rinna and Tori Spelling.
  8. They like jogging from Joffrey's to Point Dume and back on a Sunday afternoon.
  9. They think the Silverlake Resevoir is a nice place for a late afternoon mid-week walk.
  10. They are welcome at Milk Studios.
  11. They prefer a weekend at The Parker than to one at The Ace (again, noise).
  12. They still love Manhattan but are so glad they live in LA right now.
  13. They like AC ON and WINDOWS CRACKED the best in the car.
  14. They think the Valley is stifling hot.
  15. They've been on a plane with Evan Rachel Wood and sniffed her cat.
  16. They can chill and gossip while dad gets his hair did at Andy Lecompte Salon.
  17. They actually like the Venice boardwalk and REAL Angelenos dig the Venice boardwalk.
  18. The LOVE taco truck food although it totally disagrees with their stomachs and my rugs.
  19. They've signed a confidentiality agreement regarding what happens on their dog walks.
  20. They look for doggie buddies that might have a good pool for summer.
  21. They are ready to move back to Weho.