Does anyone else jive with this show as much as I do?
  1. It's Dramatic
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    The plots are easy to follow but thorough and scandalous, sexy, romantic, authentic and sophisticated. A smart hybrid of clever stand alone episodic and ongoing situations that span a full season (and well beyond) that are super intriguing.
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    It infuses a good dose of comedy! Some characters are downright hilarious. Be it clever bicker between Eli Gold and daughter (the excellent Alan Cumming and Sarah Steele), or Diane Lockhart (flawless Christine Baranski) sqouzing herself into camo for a hunting trip TGW brings the LOLs. I cheer when bat shit cray lawyer Elsbeth (Carrie Preston) hallucinates poster kittens coming to life in court or creeper Colin Sweeney (Dylan Baker) and wife (Laura Benanti) show up and make murder a hoot.
  3. Julianna Margulies as Alicia Florrick
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    This restrained performance is a beautiful thing to watch. Alicia's Snow White skin houses a complex and unhappy-ish person inside...and JM's at her acting best when the porcelain JUUUST cracks. She's a super chic woman who makes both personal and professional mistakes, can be a distant mother and has hot male suitors left and right (Taylor Swift but lawyer and 40). Also she has great taste in clothes (not so much home decor-the BOMBAY CO. interior of her apt is SO NOT ALICIA- curse you CBS)!
  4. Christine Baranski as Diane Lockhart
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    I can't say enough about my love for Diane Lockhart. Her wig is BEAT, her face is snatched for the Gawds and her lewks are sex on two sticks (the gams!!). A lion in the courtroom she can also get down and sexyAF with the dirty talk to her main man played by DILF Gary Cole (he's also divine on VEEP). If I (allegedly) pushed someone down the stairs I would want Diane Lockhart at my defense! Bow down.
  5. It shoots in New York (this is for the BWAY queens)
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    Why is this important? Cuz the guest star roster is the off the chain. These are all actors moonlighting on Broadway, sleeping-in and Ky Ky-ing over to TGW's Greenpoint stage after lunch to kill it in a scene for an hour like WHAT. Nathan Lane, David Hyde Pierce, legendary Linda Lavin and Stockard Channing have all been on the Great White Way (why's it called that?) AND gotten Tony noms all while doing some serious overtime acting on TGW.
  6. The Other Florrick: Mr. Big
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    Yes all my SATC kittens, Chris Noth is the king of TGW Special Guest Stars (prob guesting 12 eps a year). He's also wonderful as Alicia's adulterous and kinda corrupt Governor husband. One of the cornerstones of this show is that Alicia has a lot to hide to the outside world: most of all that she's totally estranged from her husband and doesn't even live with him. All public appearances are as premeditated as her flawless court pumps and as tense as the jaw grind behind her pearly white smile.
  7. Stockard Channing plays her mom🙌
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    This fine fine actress is a joy to watch as Alicia's flawed and hot mess of a mother. She's a drunk and a manipulator and adds so much texture and backstory to Alicia's own insecurities. Cue the swashing Chardonnay in a Rydel Big Gulp, Miz Channing has arrived on set. **i don't think she's graced us yet this season but I don't care because she's Stockard Channing.
  8. The Judges
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    The guest list of judges is impressive: Dennis O'Hare, David Paymer, Joanna Gleason 🙌, Ana Gasteyer, Jane Alexander, Bebe Neuwirth 👯 are just some of the excellent actors to have played judges- and sometimes they show up for like 5 lines in one scene. That's it. No part too small on The Good Wife. These writers understand that every line means something!
  9. Kalinda is leaving (big picture not a good thing but...)
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    We love bisexual sleuth Kalinda and her all-day every-day leather look of square toe boot (why?!) and leather trench or leatherette shirt lapel. The costume choice has always been impractical: they must spend a ton of money in sound mix de-squeaking her leather on leather rubbing. Anyhow knowing she's gonna peace out before seasons end makes me scream every time she's on- is Bishop gonna kill her? Is she going to jail for lying in court for Carey? I'm freaking out for Kalinda Sharma's LIFE!
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    If I was single, a hetero female, and lived in TGW Chicago I would do everything in my power to mount Finn Polmar's...pole. Ok even if I was gay and male like IRL I would do anything to mount Finn Polmar's pole. Finn is sweet, shy, sentimental, brooding, blue eyed, charming, tall and secretly British. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Alicia, Gurl, GET ON THAT!
  11. Carey Agos first half of this season
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    The storyline for Carey Agos was big time first half of season and hunky Matt Czuchry (/ˈzʊkri/) (thanks Wiki!) delivered on the tricky material where his character teetered the fine line in between questionable decency and criminal guilt. He went to jail for a minute and didn't like it. Also he was shirtless in jail. They diminished his role a lot at mid-season return: this was one of the only current seasons writing flaws. (also, Network: this "mid season finale" bullshit needs to end!)
  12. The Hair
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    Julianna left those dark Greek ER curls in the recycle bin by the basketball courts (Clooney) of the WB backlot years ago and traded them in for a shiny buttery thick CBS mane (demographics). The hair on this show is everything. So many well put to use cans of Rene Furterer (they use the expensive stuff) hairspray and dry shampoo. Also so many blow-outs.
  13. The Music
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    Ok questionable at times but what other show can use Carly Rae Jepsen's CALL ME MAYBE (three years late) and a decent CBS music library version of Schubert's 3rd (popular from BARRY LYNDON- so 300 years late) FOR AN ENTIRE EPISODE and still not come off like a 3 car pile-up on the 101? THE GOOD WIFE can!
  14. Will Gardner
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    We lost cutie Josh Charles last season when they tragically killed him off but he's never forgotten. Will haunts Alicia's thoughts (ours) as she finds it hard to romantically move on. He comes to her in daydream (or ghost form, unclear. Also NOT CHEESY) and reminds us that memories can be as palpable as what's physically right in front of us.
  15. The Writing
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    The writing is strong and nobody on this show lives in a vacuum-characters close and far in space and time and even from the beyond (and not in a Ghost Whisperer way- also CBS) affect one another's lives and actions season after season. Real People + Real Relationships = Good television.
  16. WTF is next
    This season took a risky 180 by having Alicia run for some public office that I've never heard of before but the show makes sound like a majorly important Senate seat that gets a lot of MSNBC air time. Anyhow this week SHE WON (and not without trickery- see?!?! I LOVE THIS SHOW) I swore she was gonna loose and head back to the firm. SO WHATS GONNA HAPPEN!?! How's this major plot shift and setting change gonna affect the rest of the season and beyond!?!