Now that they've separated the real contendresses from the also-rans I present the first of my weekly rankings based on whose HAWT and who is not on my FAVE/THE ONLY reality TV show on television.
  1. Pearl
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    Okay this creepy crawler is twisted and weird but has settled into herself nicely 1/4 through the season. She's owning her flat-line enthusiasm and 10 mg Valium personality and I'm living. Her Michelle Visage impersonation made no fucking sense but she was committed in her delivery (to what- I still don't know). Her "My monkey made you this potato salad" is an early front runner for line of the season. Pearl has cracked her oyster shell: original in drag...and hella fine out of it. Top of list!
  2. Ginger Minj
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    I've warmed up to Minj and this episode was her strongest yet. She's funny as hell. Her bear look on the runway was adorbs and her Michelle Visaj straight out of Housewives of NJ impersonation in the challenge gave me the cackles. I wouldn't be surprised to see this little leprechaun make it to the finals stage. Her runway looks though, remain a big disadvantage- a bit cheap and not in a good way.
  3. Violet Chachki
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    My early favorite, this Burlesque va-va-goddess is slowly sliding down the HOT PICKS strip tease pole. Her looks on the runway are still astounding (she also made Ariana Grande gag this week) but her 16 inch waist feels like a corseted diversion on an otherwise one-dimensional queen. Violet is smarter than her looks and very well referenced, not to mention hungry (so skinny!)-qualities that will help her in the long stretch. She also needs to become more watchable off the runway.
  4. Kennedy Davenport
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    My pre-premiere fave is fading. Her talking heads are funny and her slow runway walk serves full ELEGANZA BUT her drag is giving nothing original or smart. We've seen prettier pageant girls and Southern Belles with better out-of-drag personality. I just hope we see the real Miss K come out of her burnt chicken shell quickly- I like her. Also this one can lip-sync for her life till the hoe's come home and she's hopefully several death drops away from elimination (Coco Montrese can you hear me?).
  5. Miss Fame
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    I don't care much for Miss Fame. She's pretty but not as glamorous as Violet. She's edgy but nowhere as punk as Pearl. She's just the poor Drag Queen's Pearl/Violet! Also her personality is a...drag. Just have an uncomfortable itch-in-my-wig-line feeling that she's clearing the top five.
  6. Max
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    Max is solid. Max is cool. Max is a little one note now that we are weeks into this stiletto caged royal rumble. You gotta have A LOT to go far in this competition and Max wants us to think she's super smart...but is she?? If she is, Max better prove it quickly or she's a mid season expire- just like Milk was. No tee no shade, but I'm predicting her heels will give way and wear quickly- just like that tired put-on Joan Crawford accent of hers is testing my patience.
  7. Katya
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    Katya is fun and funny and her drag schtick is kinda good...but at the end of the fake lashes it just feels like it's just that- a schtick; especially now that it's time to separate the girls from the goddesses. Also I kinda wish she took the Russian Glamazon thing way further- her whole identity is a bit vague.
  8. Jaidynn Diore Fierce
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    That lip sync to Ariana Grande's "Break Free" was the rubber tits honey!! Yas Kween!! Jaidynn is super lovable and squeezable but does she have the tucked balls to hang with some very hungry, snatchy, slippery bitches? Unfortunately I think no and I fear her chopping time is nearing.