Once upon a time Beyonce's mama designed the dresses for Bey and her revolving door of assistants. Here are my favorites. They will, from now on, only be referred to as TKO's (Tina Knowles Originals)
  1. Girls Tyme TKO
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    The flat sandals. And then the one assistant wearing a low white mule. "No, no, no, no, no!"
  2. Early TKO
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    Metallic everything.
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    General Bey and her privates...say my name, SAY MY NAME!
  4. Purple TKO
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    The Color YASSSSSS!
  5. Sorry not sari TKO
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  6. China doll TKO
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    Also Bye Bye LaToya and Latavia TKO.
  7. Simply Red TKO
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    This club is jumpin jumpin at 11! Also remember Beys assistant Farrah who lasted for 4 minutes?
  8. Dior TKO
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    YASSSS! Working that Galliano Denim.
  9. Survivor TKO
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    "After all of the darkness and sadness still comes happiness..."
  10. Ho-Ho-TKO
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    "On the eighth day of Christmas my baby gave to me a pair of Chloe shades and a diamond belly ring." **the actual lyrics in DC's holiday classic "8 Days of Christmas". Also Bey's boots are KILLING ME!
  11. Pretty in Pink TKO
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    It's all about a frumpy leatherette pant.
  12. Chapeau TKO
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  13. Grammy Gold TKO
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    Say my name say my name yes gawd Tina say my name! Also Michelle wins Grammy for a song she wasn't even featured on and that's major.
  14. Tres Chic TKO
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    Also Beyonce's chapeau
  15. Abs TKO
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    "I don't think u can handle thissss....whoooo" also jeweled belly tattoos!!!
  16. Jean and lace TKO
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    Independent Woman part FUN!
  17. Santa Fe Dream TKO
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  18. Boy Scout TKO
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    Also shoes.
  19. Casual TKO for presenting an award.
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  20. Award sweep TKO
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    Let me loose my breath.
  21. Baby Doll TKO
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  22. Harmony TKO
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    And gloves!
  23. TKO I don't know
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  24. Dreamgirls TKO
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    Floppy hat chic
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    Yas Teeeeenaaaaa!!!
  26. The KWEEN
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