I always dreamt I'd meet a nice handsome Parisian boy who wore a beret and played Piaf on the accordion after we'd made love.
  1. He wears stripes well
    Boy can dress. The ease of his stylishness makes me JALOUSE.
  2. He says words with "RL" in them funny
    He can't say "Madonna can't afford real pearls" or "SQIRL" without making me laugh.
  3. He likes baguettes with breakfast
    Early on I told him I was gluten free and he asked me "but do you eat bread?" while eating bread.
  4. He likes his cheeses
    Early on when I told him I was dairy free he asked me "but do you eat cheese?" while eating cheese.
  5. Desert is important in his life
    Because of him I am no longer gluten or dairy free.
  6. He doesn't believe in exercise
    A great ying to my yang. He thinks excessive working out is silly and "très Américain". He prefers a cigarette (one thing I don't love) and a long walk to an hour at EQUINOX.
  7. All of the above yet he's still skinny
    My Judeo-Colombian hips don't lie but he's been blessed with the tall and lanky French skinny genes.
  8. He takes me to Paris
    I recently went to Paris with him while he was on a work trip. While he worked, I window shopped, ordered coffee BEFORE food (a no-no) and had trouble with my conjugations. I felt like a kept girlfriend visiting museums in the afternoons and waiting for him to come back to the hotel for dinner. Just like Carrie Bradshaw season 6.(American in Paris stereotype). Je blague, it was a great, romantic time.
  9. He complains a lot
    Shoulder shrug followed by "oh la la" or a derivative of it. I think it's super sexy.
  10. He SMELLS...
    GOOD. I love how he smells. It's like his expensive man soap in the daytime and then leather and lemon by evening. also he takes showers and wears deodorant.
  11. He likes wine
    But in a sexy and unpretentious way: no sniffing and swirling. Just likes good wine.
  12. He's a socialist
    Like most frenchies his political views are wayyyy "to the left, to the left", even more than mine (I believe in checks and balances in government, y'all). But nothing gets me hot and bothered like a little political tussle.
  13. He's romantic
    He writes me love letters every week. I text him back "THANKS for the 📬!"
  14. He's a good lover.
    He's a good lover.