I can't stop and it's taken over my body. It's the knee-jerk reaction to things that make my day.
  1. When 7/11 had Almond Milk at midnight.
    I try 7/11 for almond milk past 11 pm like three times a month hoping it will one night miraculously be there. Fruitless...until LAST NIGHT! : YAS (Almond Goddess) KWEEN!
  2. When Serena won the Miami Open with an agonizing mix of her A, B, C and D game.
    YAS (still undefeated in '15) KWEEN!
  3. When I had just enough time to get in an I AM WHOLE to-go order at Gratitude between meetings.
    YAS (I am) KWEEN! (yelled at myself in car)
  4. When dat OIL OF OLAY check came.
    YAS ("get money") KWEEN!
  5. When Jaidynn Diore Fierce lip-synced for her, and my, life.
    YAS KWEEN! Slay for the Gawds!
  6. Very out loud at Soul Cycle when (YAS KWEEN) Angela made us do an out of the saddle/hover sprint for the entirety of some crazy Major Lazeresque track that lasted 8 measures TOO LONG.
  7. When my fave sheets came out of the dryer and I smelled them.
    YAS (Warm Downy) KWEEN!
  8. When my dog Eva relieved her 2-day constipation.
    YAS KWEEN! (Yelled at her)
  9. Whenever I paused from work and found new pics for my ongoing "BEST LEWKS DESIGNED BY TINA KNOWLES FOR DESTINY'S CHILD" list which is still in draft form.
    YAS (sequin & lace cowboy hat) KWEEN!
  10. In yoga when the ageless small Asian woman next to me went flawlessly into hand stand. Slowly. Both feet at same time (no kick) with a block under each hand.
    YAS (Adho Mukha Slaykasana) KWEEN!
  11. When @chloewepper just called.
    As in "YAS KWEEN?"
  12. Whenever I watched this YouTube clip for early morning creative motivation http://bit.ly/1HVNSEE
    Mandy & Streisand doing some serious on-camera scene work during Yentl. YAS KWEENS!
  13. When I yelled it at close proximity of my mother's face. For no reason.
    YAS (my son is an idiot) KWEEN!
  14. Every time I passed a VEEP poster in anticipation of the ever closer season premiere.
    YAS KWEEN (Louis-Dreyfus)!
  15. Whenever XTina breaks normal conversation for an ear drum shattering belt and then drops right back into convo like nada on The Voice
    YAS (contour) KWEEN!
  16. This Gif
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    ❤️❤️❤️ thank you for my life.