1. Volcanoes
  2. Lava
  3. A nuclear meltdown
  4. Very, very, very large vehicles
  5. Airplanes
  6. Breaking a bone
  7. Catching on fire / burning
  8. Being alone in a big open space
  9. Being crowded with people in a small space
  10. Tunnels
  11. Bridges
  12. Choking on food
  13. Masked figures
    Or people in costumes where their faces are hidden
  14. Accidentally signing up for a class and then never attending it because I forgot I signed up...
    And then I lose financial aid and scholarships and I have to drop out of college
  15. Being late to important events
  16. Going to a new place (especially a restaurant) and not know how their procedure works and looking an idiot
    I love social anxiety ❤️️
  17. Being ridiculed to my face and not knowing how to defend myself
  18. Bunk beds
    The top one mostly
  19. Probably spiders 🕷