1. Start the conversation!! Please!! I'm so bad at talking to people especially if they're attractive
  2. Make jokes and don't let it get awkward between us
  3. Seriously if it gets awkward I'm just gonna jet out of that situation
  4. Talk about yourself!! Let me listen! Share weird little facts you know, just get into some interesting material!
  5. Show me that you're smart.
  6. Show me that you know how to have fun
  7. Are a genuinely good person. I don't care if you say rude things every now and then, as long as you have good intentions, things will turn out okay.
  8. Laugh/ make me laugh
  9. Aren't afraid to step out of the norm a bit. Honestly carbon-copy people drive me insane.
  10. Will let me sleep while leaning on you.
  11. Can't dance but still try
  12. Think of me first when you hear one of those acoustic love songs