1. Being gifted doesn't mean you're a freak, or that everyone will expect you to know everything.
  2. Just because he likes you does not mean you have to like him back.
  3. Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself. Don't let them plow you over.
  4. A container of lettuce is not a lunch.
  5. Don't start listening to those ugly emo bands, they'll make things worse.
  6. Alone is okay.
  7. Ask for help. Seriously.
  8. Know when to leave.
  9. Do not listen when he calls you fat or ugly.
  10. Sometimes things get out of your control.
  11. Numbing isn't fixing
  12. Summer should be spent outside, not in your room shrinking away
  13. You won't notice how your ribs poke out until you see yourself in a hospital mirror.
  14. Don't yell and cry, all that does is upset people.
  15. Let them help you. You can't win every fight.
  16. Stop being so stubborn honestly
  17. Not everyone is out to get you.
  18. Just stay alive and you'll be fine