These are things that annoy me
  1. A messy room before I go to bed
  2. When someone copies me
  3. When someone worships another person (who is in our friend group) like they are a god
  4. Not getting a set answer as to why someone said no to me
  5. Being called out whilst in a group situation
  6. Being told I'm wrong
  7. Group work
  8. When a teacher says their grading it but they have said that for around 2 months bow
  9. When I re due an assignment to get a better grade and the teacher gives me more suggestions each time instead of putting them all in at one time
  10. Learning about healthy eating and the food guide
  11. Turning out my light to sleep but not being able to
  12. When someone shovels their driveway late at night while your trying to sleep in bed
  13. Not finding an app for exactly what I'm looking for
  14. Waving to someone for stopping as I cross the road and they don't smile or wave back even though they saw me
  15. When someone doesn't say thank you after I do something nice for thwm
  16. When someone buys the same thing as me right after they complimented me on it and asked where I got it
  17. When you match someone when you go to school and they refuse to take it off
  18. Someone who purposefully uses the word I don't like right in front of me CONSTANTLY
  19. People who are too dirty minded
  20. That one girl that everyone likes
  21. That one cocky guy that everyone thinks is funny but he's actually just really annoying
  22. When someone try's to hard to be "cool"
  23. People who posts selfies and the captions are like a paragraph long
  24. When people say they are really ugly and fat but they arent
  25. People who insult themselves for attention
  26. People who think everything is about them
  27. People who think that everyone likes them but really no body likes them
  28. That one girl that shows a lot of skin but the teachers never dress code her
  29. That on teacher that dress codes you for showing your bra strap by accident but doesn't care when another girl shows her entire belly
  30. People who always do everything better then you do
  31. Bragging
  32. Dodgeball
  33. Running
  34. Physical exorcise of any type or kind
  35. Gym call
  36. That sub that thinks everyone likes them but no one likes them
  37. That teacher that thinks everyone likes them but no one likes them
  38. People who insult you then when you get offended say "just kidding" so you can't get mad at them without them thinking its "unreasonable" because "it was just a joke"
  39. When someone doesn't even try to hide the fact that they're copying you
  40. When you have to go to school
  41. People who criticize everything I do
  42. That one person who starts something a month ago that I've been doing my whole life and they automatically think they're better then me at it
  43. When someone is loud while I'm watching tv
  44. People who nag on me to do something
  45. People who always do everything better then me
  46. People who think they always do everything better then me even though they don't
  47. Being sick
  48. Having to do a lot of homework
  49. Being told that I'm not good enough
  50. People saying I can't do something
  51. When you try a new recipe but it tastes terrible
  52. When there's no food that tastes good in the kitchen
  53. When you have lost your appetite but your still hungry
  54. A messy room (not just before I go to bed)
  55. Bad drivers
  56. People who hug me randonly
  57. People who hang on my body
    When people our there arms around my shoulders and use me to support their body weight