Reasons I "Still" Love #zacharyquinto

I've been in love since I saw him on Lizzie McGuire, then again as Sylar, and again as Spock, then I had a beautiful moment and spoke to him in person.
  1. I've been in love with Leonardo since I came out of the womb and I can still love other people sooooo
  2. Zachary gives me the creeps and I love that
  3. I love it when boys are really emotional especially zachary
  4. He makes me very very afraid in real life too but in a good kind of way
  5. I love him because he has this sweet goodness too him and it's so not what you would expect
  6. I have unconditional love for zachary that constitutes myself allowing me to put myself in harms way to protect zachary
  7. But if he is the danger I'm not going to be afraid and I will fight him for the truth, and I will be honest with him bc I think he lies about things
  8. People just usually don't believe me because I'm crazy
  9. But it's true it's been true since I met zachary and there is I think enough evidence now that I can sacrifice my own reputation to make the world believe me about this crazy thing that happened
  10. I don't know what zachary feels, but i know he feels something, and he needs to confront that directly
  11. And I'm willing to be brutally heartbroken by him again and again and again as long as he's not lying to me or playing games bc I never was doing that to him.
  12. I love you zachary quinto I'm sorry this is a textual list.