I used to think it wasn't.. I used to think it was a less cool place than Austin, but it grew on me, and I was wrong.
  1. Six flags fiesta Texas
  2. Sea world
  3. Schlitterbahn
  4. You are so close to the country and so close to the city
  5. Great movie theatres
  6. You can tell when you are getting bad street drugs from shady people
  7. You start judging people to their face
  8. Best tex mex in Texas. Best Tex mex anywhere.
  9. There's really no reason to complain about food at all bc Heb...
  10. There's expensive real estate in the crappy part of the city and the new part, and there's cheap real estate in the other crappy part of the city and a different new part...
  11. For the most part, not segregated unless you go pretty north
  12. We have the river walk, the Alamo, missions everywhere, and history like follows you around.
  13. We have a pretty chill museum and art scene, party scene, music is dope, people are getting smarter, and the food is ALWAYS improving.
  14. A lot of famous people were raised here.
  15. Nobody is like well the majority of people like marvel, or the majority like dc, and we actually have a huge underground comics scene... Along with a lot of college drop outs who smoke hookah.
  16. It's a great place to start vaping and quit smoking.. If you are into that.
  17. The whole country scene is totally legit.
  18. The whole we eat breakfast tacos every morning, Barbacoa on Sunday's and menudo whenever is also really real but I'm never eating menudo again.
  19. The young people here are open to being libertarians and learning about politics because they love pot. And concealed carry. It's a fact.
  20. The hipsters here actually sing and talk about deep things for the most part but they do get pretty exhausted.
  21. It's really easy to learn Spanish without taking a class.